Mrs Yarborough's Class- 11-1-13

Pre-Algebra Skills
Line Jumper!- Show off your Number Line game

Perfect Squares- What are these "perfect" things?

Square Roots Matching Game - Perfect squares on some cards, Square roots on others - Match those wacky things up here!

Reading a Graph - Tutorial to help you get your graph on!

Order of Operations
What is PEMDAS? - This video shows you what to do to and what order to do it in, word.

PEMDAS Game- Wrap your noggin around this ordering game!

One to Ten - Think you got skills? Can you make a correctly ordered equation?

Got Like Terms? - Like terms stand no chance against you and your brain.

Distributive Property- A cool tutorial to walk you through it. Use the double arrows to navigate.

Solving Equations

What is simplifyng? - Learn to keep it simple at this simple tutorial.

Want help getting started solving equations? - Check out these easy to follow lessons. Try the cruncher when you're done.

Rags to Riches- Bank those Benjamins in this problem solving game.

The whole Enchilada- Delicious Algebra for the hungry brain. Bring your A-game, these problems mean business.

Brain POP! - Watch the movie, Take the quiz, become a genius!

Solving Linear Inequalities - Tutorial on how to unlock the secrets of Linear Inequalities.

Solving Inequalities - Tutorial on inequalities- navigate using the Next/Previous buttons not the "Show Me" tabs.

Graphing Equations

Slope Intercept Tutorial- Figure out what's up with lines here!
Graphing the Line - It's ALIVE! Bring that line to life!
Billy Bug and the Grub - Help Lil' Billy score some food in this graphing game.
Slope-Intercept - Karappan Poochi Game - You helped Billy, now blast his cousins! No Mercy on this graphing game!
Slope-Intercept Hangman - Don't get hung out to dry! Know your vocabulary or meet your maker!
Slope-Intercept Matching - Be on top of your game. Match it up!
Help with transformations on Graphs-See how changes in Slope or y-intercept affect the Graph of y=mx+b
Calculator Graphing Linear Inequalities - Check out how the calculator can do the work for you!
Linear Inequalities in two variables - Cool Gizmo for looking at how changes in the equation can change the graph.

What's your Function? - Find out all about Relations and Functions here!
Get your Function on! - Practice with Functions. Show off here!!!
Function, Relation, Domain and Range- Oh my!
Functions at Good notes on functions and, of course, Crunchers!

Solving Polynomials
Adding and Subtracting Polynomials - Adding? Subtracting? Its all good after this short tutorial.
Adding Polynomials- Video tutorial -This really pops. You can see it all happen. With Algebra tiles practice game.
Subtracting Polynomials- Video Tutorial - Now you know the video drill - get on it. With Algebra tiles practice game.
Factoring Polynomials - an interactive review - Give this mug a try...

Pythagorean Theorem

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-This is a quickreference sheet

-This is a practice algebra test

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