This week we will go discuss the 2016 presidential election. We will discuss the process and analyze the candidates and the issues.
"Pearls Before Swine" cartoon by Stephan Pastis
"Pearls Before Swine" cartoon by Stephan Pastis

DAY 1-

Review all issues. Use laptop to research the issues you may not be aware of or to get more information before formulating an opinion.

Links that may help:

HOMEWORK- Finish 'My Positions' For each issue, write: Pro(yes), Con(no), or ?(undecided). Do not leave blank. If you are not knowledgeable, research the issue!

DAY 2-

Compare your positions to the positions of each candidate. Use laptops to research any issues you may need to.
Here are the candidate positions on the issues.

Answer the following questions to be turned in.
1- What issues are most important to you? Why?
2- Do you like our system of government? Why?
3- How do you feel about the current leaders in our government?
4- Who is your favorite politician? Why?
5- Do you identify with a particular party? Why?
6- Which candidate do you have the most common positions with?
7- Do you have an idea of which candidates are 1-5? Who are they?

DAY 3-
Political Signs.jpg
In small groups read over the Issue Break Down. Each group will be assigned 6 issues. Discuss the responses of the candidates.
These are the candidate responses on the issues we have looked at.

Tomorrow we will hold a classroom debate. You will be responsible for the issues your group were assigned to in class today. While reading through and discussing the candidates responses to the issues, take notes that include support for both sides of the issue. You will not know which side you will be assigned to tomorrow. As a group, come up with the following for each side of the issue to help you prepare.

OPENING STATEMENT: Explain position and BRIEFLY list reasons.

Arguments (as many as you can)

REBUTTAL (PROJECTED): What arguments do you think the other side will bring up, and how do you plan to refute them?

CLOSING STATEMENT: Find a catchy and thoughtful way to sum up your arguments!

Look over your notes tonight and do any additional research you think you may need in order to 'win' the debate.
DAY 4-

DAY 5-
In class essay test