In the mid-1950s, Rock and Roll slammed into the consciousness of the American people. Whether you liked it or not, there was no denying that Rock and Roll had arrived. It was the first American musical tradition constructed from the many musical traditions that animated life in the 20th century, including Gospel, Blues, Country, Jazz and R&B. In bringing together these musical bloodlines, Rock and Roll also brought people together, from across regions, across race and class lines, and, finally, across oceans. It was the beginning of a historical turn that would change daily life in the modern world. This first section, The Birth of Rock and Roll, explores the roots of Rock and Roll, its emergence and its entrance into the cultural mainstream of America.

Monday- 1-16
Homework- Monday, 2/27/17
Write your own Blues song-
Song should have-
A 'story' of something that troubles you
A chorus- (at least 2 lines)- repeat twice
2 verses- at least 3 lines each

Tuesday- 17-31
Project- Timeline
You will create a timeline of events that have had an impact on the history of Rock and Roll.
5 events should be historical events
5 events should be musician related.
Open the Google Document below
Save a copy of the Google Document to your own drive.
Research musicians and artists that have impacted the history of Rock and Roll.
Complete the chart with information you find in your research.
You will need 10 events total.
Use the rubric below to help-

Wednesday- 32-49
In Library
Complete your History of Rock and Roll Chart.
Create a timeline using the event information you found.

Thursday- 45-54
In Library

Create timeline

Friday- 55-64
In Library
Write essay